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*****80% LTV - 8.99% long term - wrap owner finance notes (unique product -non bank quailifying)


Long Term (landlord and rental property) Financing options:


Our Texas Real Estate Investor & Landlord Loans. While our company can arrange financing is many stated, if the property is in Texas more options are available.

Our Company will handle all options as lender and intermediary. Flexibilility in our product offering is why we are able to help when others cannot.

Our lending guidelines are simple as we work with our internal private funds and outside funds (non bank)

Property Types:

3 and FourPlex
Lots (not long term)
Small Apartments (5  units plus) to 2 million loan amount

Loan Terms :

Min Loan : 50,000

Terms : 15 - 30 years

credit : no credit min on larger loans : over 100k


1. Soft Money(institutional funds-non bank) These are also can be portfolio or securitized loans - These are long term solutions (5 years or greater, up to 30 years)

Typically funded by non bank (could be insurance company, hedge fund or even some private funds

currently our company offers terms from 7% - 10%)

underwriting is primarily based on the property and borrower credit is 2nd. Income documentation can vary pending exact transaction.

2. Portfolio Bank(ask us , we have some banking relationships and can help with some small bank loans.

- most 4 - 6%, 15 - 20 year terms

- full borrower financial and property underwrite is required

-single - stand alone mortgages and blanket loans (need 3 + properties to qualify)
The refinance of a hard money lien is permitted with the following restrictions,
1. Cash out is permitted owned less than 12 months
2. Closing costs may not be rolled in to the new loan balance
3. Max LTV is 80% , 75% for State Income.

This is site provide by Texas Mortgage Place (portfolio loans) & Urban Coyote Funding (hard money) . We are experts in financing properties for investors. Here you will find basic lending options and education as it relates to the 3 basics. To the menu on right you will more on each top