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What is the Texas Investor Loan site:

This our introduction website to help Borrowers and owners of Texas Investment Real estate understand investment property loans & financing Texas. We are owners of private lending company and manage a conventional bank branch.


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Through our Dallas mortgage Company , long term financing is available. Refinance, Cashout, loans for investors with more than 4 mortgages and more.

Our private investment loan company - Texas Rehabbers Capital provide the capital for the short term rehab and hard money loans in cities(Austin,Dallas,Houston, San Antonio ). Other Cities with population over 25,000 considered.

With 20 years plus experience, our team is comprised of investment property loan advisors and lenders. We offer the latest strategies to financing investment property in Texas with low bank rates and privately funded hard money loans for acquisitions and rehab. We understand the need for flexible capital when acquiring for rehabs.

We know what is available today for your long term hold (rentals) and can guide borrowers throught the maze of banks,private lending and govt. insured long term financing (Fannie Mae).


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Monty Busch - owner of Urban Coyote funding has been preparing loans for investors of income and rental property for over 10 years. more...

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