Rental Property Portfolio loans-Texas

Portfolio Loans : Typically Banks, Credit Union, Life insurance companies and some non bank private funds (These are not mortgage banks) – Portfolio , or Balance Sheet lending loans , These are “story” loans.

This type of loan deserves its on page. Portfolio loans are often more flexible in terms of credit and borrower details. Our “non qm” (non conventional loans ) may have better rates they have stricter credit requirements (post “shelter in place”  or I call  it “new world”  lending times)  , credit minimums 680 or 700 for most lenders. We have relationships with various private funds and life insurance companies.

Portfolio loans are more about property and “story” , example . If a  borrower has property that has strong cash flow (1.2 DSCR or better) but   credit of say, 640 the loan may work. The “story” is how the credit declined happened (what event in the borrowers life?, does it make sense? and is the situation improving?)

If you have an explanation for negative credit , or maybe lack of income on Tax returns or some other event that makes sense and is not sign of continuing credit issues then a portfolio loan may be the answer.

As alway, our team is here to solve problems and be solution. We hate wasting time so we ask important questions up front (many lenders and brokers are not asking these questions). We close loans every month with our portfolio loan model. So after reading  and you think you think our Texas Portfolio loan will work  , then see our QUICK SCENARIO.  If you just interested in rates  we suggest you keep shopping, we want a good 2-way interview about your loan needs.


Monty Busch  DB Capital