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*****80% LTV - 7.99% long term - wrap owner finance notes (unique product)

7.99% HARD - SOFT Money (Non Bank Qualifying) , Fixed for 30 years - Whatever fits your need


Financing options for the Texas Real Estate Investor & Landlord

Texas Investor loans - our mission , providing a full service offering of the 3 basic financing strategies for landlords and real estate investors. Depending on the investors need (long term, rehab, bank - non bank, owner finance) we are able to structure a solution. We are direct lenders and originators of both private lending and bank-institutional funding. We are different in that we are part of the underwriting process and offer a candid consultation.

This is site provide by Texas Mortgage Place (portfolio loans) & Urban Coyote Funding (hard money for rehabs) . All investors of real estate will at some point need a short term (hard money- rehab loan) or something long term to accomodate a single rental property or loan portfolio(blanket loans are an option)

Whether you wish to finance one property or build a portfolio we have a solution. Learn your options, be prepared and consider asking for a loan is like interviewing for a job.


1. Conventional Mortgages -govt guaranteed and insured. - very limited

2.Banks (not mortgage banks) - portfolio loans (Texas Mortgage place will explain more) These are story loans. Maybe you have been turned down because you are self employed, or fluctuations in income. If your "story" is strong, meaning you have explanations, good cash reserves, compelling experience, other we can make loans that conventional mortgage banks cannot (again , a limititation of govt. insured mortgages)

3.Private (Hedge Funds,Insurance, Pension & retirement, Private individuals and small funds)- higher rates (6.5 plus) but if you have recent poor credit, not much income to show , out town owner of rental property , or other reasons these may be the best option. You have to decide whether you can make money with loan rates from 7-9 % loan rates (avg non bank type loans for small (1-4 unit investment rentals)

Our background and process: (our experience is key)

With 20 years plus experience, our team is comprised of investment property loan advisors and lenders that can provide a path to build a rental portfolio. Wewill offer the latest strategies for financing investment property in Texas with low bank rates,institutional funds and privately funded hard money loans for acquisitions and rehab. We understand the need for flexible capital when acquiring for rehabs.

We operate the companies below:

 Dallas mortgage Company - Texas Pride Lending , long term financing is available as a Refinance, Cashout,purchase with traditional fannie mae lending and as little as 15% down. We are also providing blanket loans for investors with more than 4 mortgages and more, non bank qualifying loans and various long term solutions for investors whether they qualify for a bank loan or not.

Our private investment loan company - LTV Funding and Texas Rehab Loans - Urban Coyote funding will  provide the capital for the short term rehab and hard money loans in cities(Austin,Dallas,Houston, San Antonio ). Other Cities with population over 25,000 considered.

COMMERCIAL investment property bridge loans - Urban Coyote Funding.