Quick Scenario – Step one Texas Investor Loan Application

**YOUR “STORY” AND LOAN DATA (BELOW) ARE CRITICAL IN  FAST TRACKING YOUR LOAN **. These are are non conventional mortgages and bank loans(private funds that keep loans on “balance sheet” or “portfolio loans” for landlords .(BRRR,DSCR, “NO DOC-which really means low doc”),

*** Rental and Investment property financing submission for all non owner occupied mortgages. We ask the information many lenders miss – often a root cause of wasted time.

Rates (as of October 2021) are low, starting in 3’s pending credit ,ltv,property cash flow (the overall combo).Our 18 years of experience and unique relationships give you an edge in obtaining financing. We can also “bridge loans” with our own funds in some cases.

We suggest submitting following up with phone call to our group – 214 824 0417

If Broker- provide contact info: (phone,etc…email ):
Borrower Name:
Name of Entity (if you using entity,llc, other) as ownership:
Email Address of borrower) :
Have you been denied financing for any reason? (important question since many of our loans are for challenged credit and borrowers):
Please summarize the the loan (purchase,refinance, cashout, other (explain):
Purchase Price (If its a purchase, NA if refinance ):
What is as is value if refinance or cashout is requested ?
What is loan amount requested and is this flexible?
Original Purchase price and acquisition date if refinance : (you will need show closing statement for properties owned less than 1 year)
What is the property type (SFR,duplex, fourplex, apt, other) :
What is the subject property address ? ( if there are more than 1, supply a REO Schedule :
Is the Subject property rented ?
What is the rent or proposed (market ) rent?
What is annual insurance cost on subject?
What are annual taxes on property?
What are HOA dues – if any (annual):
What is your investor experience (briefly discuss how many deals you have purchsed in last 2 years):
How many properties do you currently own? (not including primary residence) more experience can mean better pricing:
Do you own or rent your own home?
borrowers appoximate credit score (if known) :
If you have credit issues , can you explain : (note past forclosure, BK,short sell,other) :
Do you have any mortgage lates (current or past 24 months) – please detail:
upload documents related to loan, PFS and 2 years tax returns(we are doing a full income doc loan),bank statements, survey,etc.