Rehab and Rent

  • acquire “fixer upper” with cash or rehab/hard money 
  • refinance or modify loan to long term (“landlord loan” or rental property mortgage)
There is basic loan application attached for this DSCR based loan
Rates are 6-8  (non bank) pending credit, LTV, and property cash flow.
We need:
borrower financial health(do you know your credit score?)?
 liquidity :
 rental experience:
 borrower entity (who are owners , % owned, etc.. provide entity documents)
Property details :
 rent (amount or market rent if not rented)
 expenses(tax , insurance, hoa, other)
 history (if owned less than 12 months, purchase price and cost of repairs)
We do portfolio loans and non bank loans (both long term , just slightly different guidelines)
We need your info (be concise and detailed) and we can help you with funding). Our 18 year experience in specializing in rental /investment property lending has provided our company with vast resources and knowledge about this niche market of lending
Monty 214 213 8967
apply-  (online loan application )
This can be used as guide for single family and commercial income properties.