“No Ratio”- “no DSCR” loans – Non Citizen – No credit – No income loans for Investors & landlords

** NO credit ,no income loan. based on property LTV only . Interest reserves required, these are for larger cashout loans (min loan 200k) good for foreign investor, bnb type, and more . Texas and Natiowide – inquire , 214 824 0417 – rates from 6.99 on this program, up to 75% LTV – 30 year loans with 1 year prepay available.

Loans based on LTV and credit. 660 min score for “no ratio”

Loans for Buying  or refinancing rental property without a DSCR or Ratio. Use to payoff hard money loans, BRRRR, rehab to rental , more… 214 824 0417  , simple application , no income docs

**We can also arrange loan against a note (use collateral for other purchase or investments)