Texas Investor Loans and Mortgages Overview

Our Mission – DB Capital & Urban Coyote Holdings, LLC –  Investor Loans and Mortgages in Texas and beyond

This is our  Investor Loan “overview” page,  ( Below is a quick summary of the market for “landlord”   & rental property loans.) We can arrange funding in Texas and most metro areas with population of 15,000+)

***DSCR and landlord loan rates are up. Ask about interest only loans or alternative loans to DSCR, try our portfolio loans, rates in 7s today. (UPDATED 5 19 – 22)

call or submit quick loan scenario :***** quick answer call 214 824 0417 or submit quick scenario – Texas Investor Loan Scenario. (DSCR, BRRR,Stated, more…) 


***Product of the month** NO DSCR Loan (credit and ltv are main factors) , perfect loan for investors of higher end home, vacation rental , more. ..  THIS LOAN WORKS WELL FOR DSCR CHALLENGED LOANS


We are DB Capital  (an Urban Coyote Holdings, llc – Texas company) and have been in business since 2009 and our team since 2002.

**note DB Capital / Urban Coyote  Holdings does not originated loans for primary residence , if you need some alternative , non bank loans , portfolio loans, we have separate company  – Texasmortgageplace.com

SECTION 1) Types of rental property loans AVAILABLE (updated AUG 1, 2021) – quick summary of type loans available as portfolio loan or institutional, asset based, BRRR, DSCR, “stated income” , more..


A +)   Loan : 680 + credit, up to 80% , rates start in  (June of 2022 , the market is a mess….)rates start in 6’s 
(This is DSCR and credit driven loan, the best rates)
B program): Not credit driven, (ltv  and cash flow ) rates are wild ….send me your scenario..
C.)  “problem solving” loans for investors: (all credit types, all property types, more “asset based”)
“no ratio” program: Not DSCR Driven, credit driven (600-+) up to 75% LTV  ,  Loan Min 100k
D) More problem solving loans   : as of June of 2022 more bridge loans are needed. FEDS raise rates again today JUNE 15th
Bridge – Hard Money (50-250K ) , no appraisal needed to close
Bridge program 2 : (250k ) , up to 70% ARV,
Our basic hard /private money is not credit driven , although to get sub 11% , 650 credit is needed

DSCR Loans for Investors (Based on Property Cash-flow , best rate program), these are the best rates…

Credit Based (Based on LTV and Credit score)

Up to 80% LTV on rental & investment property loan in Texas and other metro areas in US

Texas loans for investors, – to keep it simple, we have 30 year loans from 4% range for interest rate. We have stated / low doc/ No DSCR  loans from the 3′  (3s% range for interest) . We have more detail explanation below. Interest rate is derived from several factors, the more you have the better the rate (LTV, credit, property value and cash flow, borrower income documentation, population …)

Do you Qualify

*****If you want a quick answer call 214 824 0417 or submit quick scenario – Texas Investor Loan Scenario.

Borrowers  , Know your rent, expenses (tax, insurance , etc…) When you purchased , how much, total repair costs. (Did you Rehab to Rent?)



Types of loan Documentation and  expected LTV and Rate ranges for Investment property morgages. 

full doc  (conventional type loans – rates from 3’s)
alt – lite doc (Bank Statement, portfolio loans , rates from 4s’)
Non Conventional – Non QM investor loans & Mortgages: rates from 5s ,
stated income
no DSCR loans (This means no rental  income analysis ) Some call “no ratio” lending
660 is probably min credit score for low rate long term funding.
No Credit , low credit  or any  credit under 660  , We can fund your loan but there are more limitations on LTV  and cashflow-  Do you have cash flowing property – 60-70% ltv, there is a solution?
Note***If you have below 680 credit many lenders will not be able to offer financing. Ask about our “portfolio problem solver” loan. Case by case review based on overall property LTV, cash flow and location. Borrower credit score not deciding factor but should have personal cash flow and recent good credit – ask us – 214 824 0417


***** NEW BRIDGE loans  *** 1-2 year bridge loans  rates from 5.5 – 7% , 200k – 1.5 million in Texas and the Southwest, good for higher priced homes. No credit min, good for property that has loan coming due, or maybe doesnt cash flow properly now. Gives you time to remedy the short term situation.




More on 3 basic types of loans for our Texas Investors : MORE DETAIL ON INVESTMENT LOAN UNDERWRITING 

  • The following 3 categories (portfolio loans , both institutional grade and private funds are our specialty, and 3rd Institutional Long term (non qm , “wall street” type funding)
    1. Portfolio Loans : Typically Banks, Credit Union, Life insurance companies and some non bank private funds (These are not mortgage banks) – Portfolio , or Balance Sheet lending loans , These are “story” loans. Maybe you have been turned down because you are self employed, or fluctuations in income. If your “story” is strong, meaning you have explanations, good cash reserves, compelling experience, other we can make loans that conventional banks will not or cannot fund.


  • 2..****(THE MOST FLEXIBLE ) Private (non institutional ) – hard money ,Non Bank: (Hedge Funds, Private individuals and small funds,even crowd funding)- higher rates (5% +plus) but if you have recent poor credit, not much income to show , out town owner of rental property , or other reasons these may be the best option.(1-4 unit investment rentals).3. These low rate long term loans but rigid in credit score (most today require 680)”no income” loans and stated loans would fall under this category. No DSCR loans would typically fall here if long term.


  • 3. ***STATED INCOME (DSCR, ASSET BASED, GOOD FOR BRRR) ***The lowest rate of the “non bank” or “non QM”  loans.
  • Even long term loans for those with scores under 600 (rates are in 8s for under 600 scores)
    1. You have quick request?, tell us your investment (Step1)loan scenario only- not an applicatiion, but scnario pitch****click(short online qualifier) (for all investor loans and portfolio/altern


  • Vary from 4  to 10% (pending size, complexity, and overall deal strength)
  • Loans from 75k – 2 million (can be more)
  • 1 year to 30  year loans

Texas and select states