September 2020 update

Thanks for contacting me regarding your rental property financing.
​You are looking at several options pending:
​1. the cash flow of your property (DSCR )  Some properties cash flow in a negative and some (the best options) are 1.20+ (meaning you have 20% profit after expenses and your mortgage payment. 
2. Your credit 680+ is best, there are options available with little to no credit
3. loan amount 
4. condition of property (15- 30 year loans require subject property be in good condition) , if not we need to “bridge loan” the property first. 5. Your overall “story” (about property, your credit, income -if we are not pursuing a “stated income” loan are all in important. 
Bottom line, with our team having almost 20 years experience as Lenders, brokers, underwriters, and property investors we can offer a solution on almost every scenario. 
214 213 8967
**the link below is our longterm lending site and will explain more and give you a choice to complete our “quick scenario” or full application.

in house bridge (Private Bridge)
5 year bridge  (Institutional bridge) “soft bridge”
long term
 full doc
 alt doc , sometimes called “light doc” , could be be bank statements with tax returns
 stated income  with verified assets (liquidity check for reserves or down payment if purchase )
 DSCR (programs based on cash flow of property ) borrower would still  need verified reserves
 No DSCR program – like private /hard money but longer term , close the soft/5 year bridge
rates from 5- 10 % pending credit , ltv, loan amount , etc..
Its important to know the “story” and details. Most borrowers call and ask “What are your terms” , the answer is we dont know, we have no idea withouth details.
Our approach is to be consultative and SAVE precious time. Our business is offering solutions for you funding needs.

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